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Air Conditioner Repair in Lafayette, IN 47909

“My air conditioner went out during a very hot week! I made the call to request service and was able to have a technician come out the very next day! Cameron provided excellent customer service and quickly fixed the issue. I’ve been a customer of Summers for many years and will continue to be a loyal customer!”

- Tori E.

Air Conditioner Repair in Lafayette, IN 47909

“Zach was Very polite, reviewed cost for repair for AC unit part. Finished & AC is working again in about 30 minutes & great professional workmanship. TY”

- Diana K.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Lafayette, IN 47906

“Very pleasant, explained what he was doing.”

- Dianna B.

Faucet Installation in Battle Ground, IN 47904

“LONG, but well deserved. I’m a very honest & no bs after action report for the businesses that proved the best service. I have a praise related for folks or businesses that deserve real deserved services & Mark & his co-worker (I didn’t get name) earned that praise with ease. Mark & his coworker that responded were very friendly & professional…per usual. Mark has been out her to fix or give the best advice as to what should be done with regard to other problems I’ve had here at my 86 y/o home. Mark was quick to diagnose the problem with the water spicket at rear of home that I could not fix myself. Mark told me in detail what needed to done to bring the pipe system to code & how to repair it with upfront parts & work costs as well as having to cut a portion of the basement ceiling to access the pipe section that & what section of my basement ceiling the fact that he would cut out the bevy least amount of removal needed. The work was done quickly as possible but throughly & correctly so I could get the water turned back on for my family & I. I really like Mark personally & professionally. He’s super tech to work with & get things done at my place. I like all the techs at Summers to include their office staff, as well, BTW. I’m a real friendly no nonsense guy to deal with, but I’m also a very prudent & reasonable personality being very focused & discerning attitude. I’m a Marine after all…hehe. I’ve dealt with a few other heating, cooling & plumbing outfits in the past 26 years that I’ve lived in Lafayette & the 24 years I’ve lived in this home. Summers is without a doubt BEST in this business. They are far ahead of the other “leading competitors” in the Greater Lafayette Area. In addition to Mark, I can’t thank these folks enough for being quick to respond & call me to offer services that are typically due for the appliances they’ve installed for me. I’d be be remiss if I hadn’t mentioned the other Summers techs & office staff with Summers. From the bottom of my beating heart I just can’t give Summers the praise that they deserve other than being comfortable with Mark’s repairs & installs of a few other equipments. Thank you guys for your professionalism, call & very outstanding service! I will use no one else that offers these services. God bless all of you & Mark!”

- Chri A.

Air Purification in Delphi, IN 46923

“Chris has been here several times over the years and has always done a great job for me. Had an A/C issue this time and he found a thermostat had been installed incorrectly by an electrician that was here just a few weeks ago. All running correctly now, he got me out of trouble with the wife! (at least temporarily)”

- Brett E.

Repiping in Dayton, IN 47941

“Robert Wolfe was very professional a gave me and my husband some great tips on some upcoming projects we plan on tackling. We will definitely call again for future plumbing needs!”

- Mary W.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Monticello, IN 47960-8031

“Arrived on time and did a thorough job checking out the system. Found the refrigerant low and added a quantity to improve operation.. Good job.”

- Loren W.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Monticello, IN 47960

“Always a great visit along with keeping you informed. Our units all recently new (3yrs.) and installed by Summer’s.”

- Ray D.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up in Lafayette, IN 47905

“Will was friendly and explained things throughly so we could make informed decisions about our A\C unit.”

- Jesus R.

Air Conditioner Repair in Monticello, IN 47960

“Zach did a great job with repairing our ac unit. He was very polite and professional. Thank you for the fast service.”

- Gary K.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up in Lafayette, IN 47906

“Patrick was friendly and courteous. He explained various aspects of my cooling system and completed the tune-up.”

- Linda G.

Drain Repair in Battle Ground, IN 47920

“ROBERT came out the same day and fixed the issue,
I would highly recommend them,”

- don s.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Colfax, IN 46035

“Chris did an amazing job. He was very knowledgeable.”

- Nathan S.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Lafayette, IN 47909

“David did a great job of explaining service agreement and possible equipment that might be needed, but was not pushy about having to buy immediately; which I liked. Highly recommend.”

- Kathy K.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Lafayette, IN 47906

“Chris arrived on time today and did a very thorough inspection and maintenance of my air conditioning system. He checked all the vital aspects and made several recommendations to maintain my system. He was very professional and answered all my questions! Chris represented his company very well and I am sure his competent work will serve me well this year!”

- Rick G.

Furnace Maintenance in Lafayette, IN 47906

“I called for an estimate on duct cleaning and Chris arrived within the hour. Impressive”

- Pam D.

Water Softener in Lafayette, IN 47905

“Sky was very thorough in inspecting the plumbing for a yearly check up and was also very informative. Answered all my questions.”

- Jennifer P.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Battle Ground, IN 47904

“Nice guy. Good work. Had to endure my dog barking at him😀”

- Vici B.

Clogged Drain in Lafayette, IN 47904

“Mark and his partner (sorry don't remember his name) worked very hard to figure out what was wrong with my sewer system. Hopefully, after over an hour they found the problem and fixed it. Thank you Mark for your knowledge and patience.”

- Gina D.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Lafayette, IN 47906

“David always does a wonderful job. He is professional, polite, patient, friendly, and thorough. .”

- Betty B.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Lafayette, IN 47909

“The technician was very informative.”

- Marylyn N.

Water Heater Maintenance in Lafayette, IN 47904

“Sky was very friendly and answered all my questions. All Summers techs have been wonderful!”

- Katie S.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up in Lafayette, IN 47904

“Seger is so helpful and friendly! Always a pleasure!”

- Katie S.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up in Lafayette, IN 47906

“David was on time, very knowledgeable and thorough pertaining to work performed and additional services available.”

- Gene R.

Water Heater Installation in Lafayette, IN 47904

“Every time I have a problem. Whoever comes to fix the problem. They are always nice. They do a great job.”

- Christine R.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up in Lafayette, IN 47906

“Zach did a great job and was professional. He answered all the questions I had and did an excellent job with the ac maintenance. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. Thank you”

- Jared M.

Plumbing Repair in Battle Ground, IN 47906


- roman s.